HOOT Campaign – Gunnersbury Triangle

The Threat

Gunnersbury Triangle Local Nature Reserve, between Chiswick and Acton Green, is under threat from a massive 8-storey development right on its eastern edge.
The Triangle is currently situated next to a low-rise (2-storey) industrial estate on Colonial Drive. Blackstone, a global property investment company, plan to replace the estate with 8-storey buildings, mostly private luxury flats, with very little commercial space or social housing.

The new development would destroy the secluded feeling of the reserve

The Impact we want to avoid

  • The Colonial Drive development would affect the nature reserve in the following ways:
  • The development is too tall, too large, and too close to the reserve boundary
  • It would impact on flora and fauna, reflecting sunlight on to the birch trees and dry acid grassland, heating and drying them out in summer
  • Visitors’ sense of being in a wild place away from the city would be severely compromised
  • Balconies overlooking the reserve would increase the feeling of intrusion
  • It would create light pollution at night – the buildings loom over the woodland habitat of bats and birds
  • Future residents’ pets, noise and potential use of the reserve as an extended garden (e.g. for barbecues and recreation) could disturb or damage wildlife and habitats.

Our Objectives

    We want:

  1. An environmental impact assessment of the development on the nature reserve (as recommended by Natural England) before any planning decision is made.
  2. The buffer zone between the development and the reserve to be no less than 15m and planted with native species.
  3. The height of the buildings to be no more than the highest buildings on the present site and preferably in scale with the tallest trees in the woodland.

What we’re doing about it

HOOT is campaigning to put pressure on Ealing Council to block this harmful development. Many members have already written in to the Planning Department during the initial public consultation. Now we are collecting signatures for a Petition to present to the Council. We plan further action as the planning process continues.

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