Gunnersbury Triangle Nature Reserve awaiting Mayoral decision…

The future of Gunnersbury Triangle Nature Reserve still hangs in the balance. It was expected to go to the Mayor of London for decision earlier this month, but there seems to have been some hold up and the case will now be considered in the next few weeks. Back in May, Ealing Council’s Planning Committee gave consent to Blackstone’s proposals for a massive mixed use development on an adjoining site on Colonial Drive, however this decision is subject to approval by the Mayor of London. Campaigners are urging the Mayor to negotiate for a more sensitive development for this site, seeking one which respects, rather than merely exploits, the special qualities of the nature reserve next door. They feel that the blocks of flats, some up to eight storeys high, coming right to the woodland edge in two places, will change irrevocably the special ‘countryside’ character of the nature reserve.

Celebrities including Simon King are supporting the campaign and a number of well-known figures have signed a letter to the editor of the Standard, which was published on Aug 21st.


… writes Assembly Member Murad Qureshi on his blog.


He visited the Triangle, guided by Jan, and was struck how “one development has already encroached over the Nature Reserve almost immediately as you enter the Triangle and could well imagine how the Colonial Drive proposal would over shadow this small oasis of peace and quiet between the rail tracks.” He has written to the Mayor asking for him to intervene, and in particular on the grounds that an Environmental Impact Assessment of the development on the reserve, as recommended by Natural England, has not been done.

If you haven’t already, please do the same, and write to the Mayor on the grounds that matter to you.