Hands Off Our Triangle! (HOOT) is a group of Ealing and Hounslow residents, volunteers and wildlife enthusiasts, united in our concern about the threat to the Gunnersbury Triangle from the proposed Colonial Drive development.

Sun-Dappled Path with Willow Down – the bridge over the ‘Mangrove Swamp’ is in the background

Local Passion

The HOOT campaign has already revealed that people are passionate about the Triangle. Here is a reaction from a HOOT supporter to the decision by Ealing Council to grant planning permission.

post-16: The Call of the Wild

Here are two contributions by local people inspired by love of the Triangle.

In The Gunnersbury Triangle, Colonial Drive, Blackstone Blues. Gunnersbury resident Marie Rabouhans strums her twelve-string blues guitar in protest “on behalf of the (feathered, furry, or scaly scaly) residents of the Gunnersbury Triangle Nature Reserve who are not able to speak for themselves”.

In the poem Gunnersbury Triangle Nature Reserve, Gunnersbury resident Beryl Cross evokes some quiet moments as the seasons pass by the “dragonflies above dark ponds” and the young children “mouths and fingers purple-stained from blackberries.”

GT-blues    GT-poem

Although the planning deadline has passed, we have a selection of model letters written by local residents and Triangle volunteers, which contain more information about the reserve and the HOOT campaign.

Model letter for local residents
Model letter for nature lovers
Objection letter written by a local Chiswick resident
Objection letter written by a Triangle volunteer

Snow on acid grassland, Gunnersbury Triangle, February 2012